About the Author

Antwyn Price was born in Singapore of British parents. A US Marine of the late 1950s, his ongoing career as an engineer in California led to business opportunities in Latin America, the Far East, and Europe. In retirement, he and his wife Elizabeth have made their home in the plains of Texas and the Veracruz mountains of Mexico.

As an author, Antwyn’s genre is Historical Fiction, which he likes to call ‘Faction’ because his works are carefully built upon the factual record. “But adding fictional characters makes for a more enjoyable read,” he suggests.

It has taken Antwyn about six years to research and produce the three books of this Trilogy about World War Two in the Pacific. Motivation came from living in Singapore, Java, and Canada as a small boy, then growing up in Australia during the Pacific War. After the war, Antwyn came to Texas to complete his pre-university schooling at St. Mark’s School in Dallas. He was then educated at Harvard College and the University of Oklahoma.

The final motivation came for working in Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Shanghai, and Singapore in the 1980s, where Antwyn and Elizabeth met people from all over the region and developed several lasting friendships as well.

About the Author

I grew up in the Asia-Pacific region before coming to Texas in high school. After University and the Marines, I was fortunate to live and work in two great cities of the USA (Los Angeles and Boston), Latin America (Mexico City and San Juan PR), the Far East (Taipei and Singapore), and Europe (Brussels and London). As an engineer and entrepreneur, I spent several years crafting memoirs for our children about places where they had grown up, which developed the necessary momentum and discipline to create WWII stories based on my love of history and geography.

I enjoy meeting people who are interested in the history of WWII in SE Asia. My books on that topic give readers a knowledgeable perspective about these and other countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Indochina, Taiwan, S. Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and the Philippines. My genre is “Fictionalized History,” i.e. enlivening the historical record through the addition of fictional characters.

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Paradise in Ruins: A Novel (View) of the Pacific War

Paradise in Ruins: A Novel (View) of the Pacific War

" Price is a natural teacher. He knows his history well and has the imagination to conceive believable characters to bring the facts to life "

Cappy David

“Clever, highly readable, warm account of people caught up in war.”

Col. James Kirkpatrick US Army (Ret.)

“Lovers of WWII history will find this book a delight!”

Dianna Shipman

“Price’s background includes a childhood partially spent ‘down under’ in Australia, as well as time spent in the US Marine Corps, so he has a firm grasp as far as the real ‘where’ and the ‘who’ are concerned.”

Doug Miller Pan Am Historical Foundation

Colonies in Ruins: Transformed by the Pacific War

“Exceptionally fine work of history with a bit of fiction added like condiments to a good meal.”


“I learned a great deal that will make my forthcoming trip to Southeast Asia more meaningful.”


“I liked the book, as it portrays part of our past which is not well known.”

Fred from Java

“A wonderful continuation of the first book in the Trilogy. Easy reading and if you want to know about Asia today you really need to understand what happened back then.”

J. Perkins

Colonies in Ruins: Transformed by the Pacific War